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Sharp's digital IMAGERs give you the power to copy it, color it, collate it, fold it, fax it, staple it, shred it, saddle-stitch it, scan it, store it, secure it, send it to a server, edit it, email it anywhere, post it on the Web, personalize it, and watermark it. No one manages your documents like Advanced Office Automation.
We make automating your office easy.
  • Established in 1986, we have been serving the Tri-Counties as your locally owned Independent Sharp Dealer for 31 years.
  • Our professional sales staff excels in identifying the needs of business environments of all sizes.
  • Our experienced administrative staff assists our customers on a daily basis.
  • We are the only Sharp Dealer in Southern California to employe 2-Sharp Master Technicians on staff.
  • Factory certified technicians identify system automation needs and perform maintenance necessary to ensure long equipment life and high reliability.
  • Our full line of products include solutions for copy systems, fax equipment, color copier systems (with network connectivity), and a full line of office supplies.
Every product provided, equipment, supplies and service is unconditionally guaranteed.
  • This is supported by key management who are as near as your phone, and who are completely dedicated to providing for your needs.
No problem will go unresolved.
  • Any problem is our opportunity to show you why Advanced Office Automation has been so highly recommended time after time. It is our opportuity to demonstrate to you personally why we've received Sharp's Hyakuman Kai Award for 9 consecutive years.
  • Further, it is our opportunity to show you why repeat business, with our existing customers and those to whom they refer us, is such an integral part of what we do.
You can manage your office machines online with iManager.
  • View your entire inventory and click on any single machine for in-depth information about service history, volume per month, etc.
  • Dispatch service by clicking on the "service request" button, and a call for help is immediately issued to the appropriate technician.
  • View how much you're spending in various categories, including supplies and maintenance as well as total expenses.
  • Order any supplies or hardware. Plus view your past 12 months' ordering histories.
  • Place service calls and get overview of the entire maintenance history of your networks for the previous month and the last 12 months.



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